One thing that stands out at home is how your walls and floors are decorated. And so the idea of tiles is perfect - but what sort of tile will work best for the space. The best tiling ideas will create the illusion of space and style, but if the wrong tile design is chosen it can create the opposite effect; resulting in a nightmare of miniature and puzzling proportions!

There’s no need to worry, Simple Deco have fantastic tiling options and designs! Our expert Tiling consultant will put together and demonstrate great ideas that will style your walls and floors for years to come.

Our design team have a wealth of experience in tiling rooms of all shapes and sizes which is why our suggestions are spot on for classy, unique yet cost-effective designs.

For example, tile sizes vary from tiny mosaic tiles to gigantic tiles which can reach meters in length. Using meter long, gigantic tiles in most bathrooms doesn’t work simply because of a lack of space: Tiles get cut off; not only wasting materials and money, but also disrupting the pattern or style you’re trying to create.

On the other hand, large bathroom tiles exude a calming feel especially square shapes with neutral colours, such as white or grey. Smaller tiles allow the design to breathe more, offering versatility in style. Mosaics are rightfully a popular choice, turning simple common-use areas such as basins into beautifully exotic features.

Colour is a vital component, of course. Many of our clients prefer light hues such as white, cream and light grey although darker shades still look fantastic. Additionally, neutral colours provide the illusion of extra space; certainly a benefit to potential buyers of your home in the future.


As tiling specialists, Simple Deco create splendour with a wide range of tiles including mosaics, ceramics, porcelain, as well as granite, travertine, slate, terracotta, limestone and marble. Our creative service begins with full professional and precise preparation such as screeding, floor-levelling, plying of wooden floors and under-floor heating.

Bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, wet rooms, or conservatories: By working with only trusted suppliers and manufacturers, Simple Deco’s professional team of experts have the resources to create and achieve the look and feel that your home deserves; from our design recommendations on day 1 to our competitive quotation on day 2 through to final contract completion.


Our passion for puzzle-solving and precision for perfect placement is renowned. These two qualities alone make Simple Deco the right choice for your home – and the humble tile’s most loved ambassador!