Simple Deco is your go-to roofing contractor. We have the experience, knowledge and dependability to repair, renew or install any residential or commercial roof using only the best quality roofing materials.

Our roofing service is second to none whether you need a new roof or simply a repair to your current roof. For every job undertaken, a complete survey is conducted, identifying exactly what is causing the leak or damp whether it’s a slipped soaker on a chimney, a split lead bay on a flat roof or just a blocked outlet on a box gutter.

And all our work is inspected by our expert roofing specialist with years of successful roof installations under his belt. Working closely with our clients on a daily basis, our aim is to provide solutions as easily and effectively as possible. Our recommendations for style and functionality will give you a wonderfully designed roof for your property.

Responding promptly to all roofing requests, we provide timely and efficient workmanship convenient to your schedule. This includes everything from timber work and tiling, down to fitting insulation. This can be invaluable to a client, as it takes away the burden of organisation and interaction between other trades which often lead to delay and confusion. Simple Deco prides itself on professionalism and all of our tradesmen treat you and your building with the courtesy and respect that both deserve.


Roof creation includes lead work, sheathing, underlayment, flashings, ventilation and most often shingles. Simple Deco makes all of these components work together to create a durable, functional and great looking roof. Each element of your new or existing roof must be installed with quality materials and professional workmanship to ensure the protection of your home.

The correct roof on your house enriches its appearance and protects your entire home from all kinds of weather. A roof is a system of installations that work together so that your home stays free from water, wind and heat damage.

Over the years, we have seen every kind of weather and every type of catastrophe that the English weather can throw at a roof. So roof installation in England needs to be done conscientiously. Cold winters, wet weather, and even hotter summers stretch and test the best roofing materials. Simple Deco operates using top quality materials and state-of-the-art industry best practices.

In other words, we know how to perform the best repairs and create new installations that are built to last decades.


Love under cover! Quite simply, we put our heart into your roof because, as we all know, home is where the roof is!