When looking to refresh your home, it can be hard knowing where to start. With so many choices to make and things to consider, Simple Deco turns your inspiration into reality. Our interior design expert guides you through the whole decorating project from the mood you want to create down to the location of plumbing and electrics.

From day 1, we work with you on answering the following questions:

  • What do you like about your space at the moment? What don’t you like?
  • How do you want your new interior to feel? Warm or cool? Calm or exciting? Cosy or minimalistic? Neutral or vibrant?
  • What can be changed? What cannot be changed? Windows? Fireplaces?
  • Are there particular colours in your home or elsewhere that you are drawn to?
  • How is the space to be utilised? Work or play? Child or pet-friendly? Eating, entertaining or relaxing?
  • Who would spend time in this space? The family? Just yourself? Children? Friends and guests?

Together, we walk through the steps of re-designing your space so you can be confident that your new interior will look and feel like the home you always wanted.


Simple Deco are experts in delivering right solutions. We help you build a clear plan to overcoming any problems throughout your decorating project.

Whether choosing the perfect colours, deciding on exquisite wallpaper or researching cost-effective products, we make it easier for you to bring your inspired project to life.

From our initial free quotation to our final touch, Simple Deco are professional creators in all aspects of domestic, commercial, interior and exterior painting and decorating. We provide you with an unrivalled, immaculate and reliable service of the highest quality underpinned by a wealth of experienced workmanship.


For the love of Art! For us at Simple Deco, painting and decorating your home is exactly that. We deliver your wishes with precision, passion and honour so you can live in your very own masterpiece.