Just like your vision, there is no limit to what you can do with your garden. That’s why Simple Deco know no boundaries to your dream. We bring your outside space to life with flowers, plants, trees, shrubbery, lawns and all sorts of verdant, floral features. You can think beyond the flora too, to patios, decking, pathways, outdoor sculptures and all the other garden supplies that you may desire.

Simple Deco are garden design and architectural specialists who have the experience and training to carry out small or large landscaping projects. We have the eye and patience for what works best when and where in your garden. From Day 1, we work closely with you to design, plan and execute your wishes, from the first blade of grass to the final sculpture.


We create the layout and structure of your garden, carefully working with any water features, paving, decking and other substantial areas. Garden supplies and features are sourced to match your exact specifications. Exceptional project management ensures budget and timelines are spot-on, if not improved.

Every landscape and environment is unique, so we take the best elements of design, combined with your vision plus drops of creativity to create a garden that thrives with personality and unrivalled character.

So the plants have been chosen, planted or potted, and the lawn has been laid, your garden is now ready to be enjoyed, but Simple Deco haven’t finished. Like all living things, your garden will evolve and change with time and the seasons, so some garden maintenance is necessary from time to time especially if you have a very large garden or landscaped area that requires constant vigilance.

This is where Simple Deco steps up its turf war - Watering, weeding, pruning, trimming, cutting back or sprucing up – We are at your service all year round.


If an English home is the castle, then its garden is the kingdom. And in every kingdom there’s a treasure to be loved. Whether it’s in the form of tranquillity, vibrancy, colour or smell, Simple Deco’s mission is to landscape for you the essence of life itself. And because we love life, we love your garden like nothing else!