Looking to add a beautiful fence to your front or back garden? Want to match a fence to your shutters? Need a fence to blend with your siding and trim? Then, Simple Deco is the right choice – because we design your borders with a material more durable, resilient and attractive than wood - and which requires virtually no maintenance!

Here are top ten reasons:

  • Vinyl will last for generations.
  • Vinyl is virtually maintenance free. No repainting, rotting, or rusting.
  • Vinyl is easy to clean.
  • Vinyl is graffiti-resistant. It simply washes off
  • Vinyl is resistant to insects, dry rot, and mould.
  • Vinyl is completely recyclable and free of harmful chemicals (non-toxic)
  • Vinyl is attractive and offers high return on investment (ROI)
  • Vinyl is UV protected and cannot fade or chalk.
  • Vinyl has smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges and is splinter-proof.
  • Vinyl keeps you, your children, pets and animals out of harm’s way.

Contact us for a free quotation from our professional fencing consultant. We offer a variety of designs, from domestic to agricultural to industrial use. There are numerous decorative accessories as well including post caps, gates, and railings.

From privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and pool fencing to farmland boundaries, our vinyl fencing designs will enhance the protection, beauty and value of your property for decades to come.


With a fast-paced and busy lifestyle, eliminating headaches at home makes life a little easier. Creating a worry-free fence is a good place to start. Consider the years of low maintenance living, not to mention the money and time saved by not replacing or maintaining that fence. Creating more time for BBQ’s in the garden or relaxing safely poolside with family and friends really is life at its best.

Simple Deco's consultant discusses your exact specifications throughout the project from day one. With us, you are always in creative control of your ideas. Your dream no longer stops at the edge of the house. It continues onto your land. And if your ideas change a little, we create an infinite amount of solutions in our workshop according to your exact wishes.


Whether you want your fence to stand out or blend in, there is no better decision than choosing Vinyl Fencing. We love your vinyl fence so you can still love thy neighbour - as he sits on his wooden one!