Simple Deco’s passion for all things wooden will exceed your expectations. We are called carpenters; actually we are artisans. We are highly skilled craftsmen working by hand for the most decorative of causes – your dream!

Our carpentry expertise is based on three main principles: trust, integrity and impeccable quality. We specialise in delivering carpentry solutions when challenges seem to be insurmountable.

We work with our clients throughout the entire process from Day 1, from design to delivery, from simple stud walls to intricate, elegant staircases. Your custom-built dream is our handcrafted reality.

Versatility is our key. We possess the expertise and experience to design, create and construct projects of all sizes.


There are many benefits to choosing Simple Deco as your very own bespoke carpenter. Firstly, our bespoke fixtures are unique and fit perfectly in your space. Buying from a DIY retailer, for example, just wouldn’t be as effective or accurate.

Secondly, our craftsmanship means you can create a personal work of art which will add significant value to your property.

Whether you are considering a large-scale extension, a small conversion, or renovating window frames, doors, bannisters, fascias or soffits, Simple Deco handle all aspects of the creation with outstanding workmanship and style.

Traditional timber and wood radiate class and authenticity. We hold these two qualities above all else which is why our hands create your vision with the greatest of respect.


For us at Simple Deco, nothing is more beautiful than seeing a piece of wood being crafted into a work of art. That’s why we love your dream – with all the passion and precision that legendary trees deserve.