Simple Deco understands and abides by the holy trinity of construction: Design; Develop; Deliver. We offer a wide range of unique and bespoke services in the building and construction field for both residential and commercial clients.

Regardless of your project’s size or location, we lay the foundation of trust above all else from Day 1. Whether you want a small home extension built or a large development of commercial property, we provide the knowledge and professionalism to guide, innovate, and excel.

Simple Deco’s skilled workmanship and experience combined with a laser-like focus on our clients’ wishes guarantee the project’s success. By recognising the importance of working together in a partnership with the sole aim of delivering the project on time and within budget, we - as a team - exceed expectations with unparalleled quality and commitment.

From initial discussions on design through to completion, we use an all-encompassing project management system which enables every stage to unwaveringly blend into each other. The scope, scale and finer details of the construction process are clearly determined from the outset ensuring procurement of materials are ahead of time.

And in the event there are supply or contractor issues, we respond instantly and effectively providing viable solutions which invariably lead to cost-saving outcomes.


The key to delivering first-class construction projects lies in overcoming the challenges which are part and parcel of the building industry. Simple Deco absorbs these hurdles with consummate ease by working proactively and not reactively.

Changes to design, new creative instructions or unforeseen weather conditions are handled by co-ordinating and directing all contractors involved to work seamlessly together in step and as one team.

Project creation and its success is based on our 360° vision of construction value: not only in cost but in the quality of advice. This includes a forward-thinking approach to post-completion servicing and maintenance. We never advise you to cut corners to save a penny today if tomorrow we know those corners will cost you a pound.


For Simple Deco , construction is more than just “building a building”. To begin with, we are passionate about industry best practice and relentlessly driven by optimum service – but when it comes to zero defect, it ends with our true love!